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7 unique experiences in Southern Spain and Portugal (that your clients should not miss!)

Choose among a wide range of engaging experiences in southern Spain and Portugal!

Earth, Water or Air: which of the three elements are you most eager to explore? And actually some of the activities we have selected even combine all three elements together!

The Andalusian region is a real gem for unique experiences in the south of Spain: natural landscapes, memorable architectural monuments, folkloristic traditions and lots of adventures!


The sun always shines on your unique experiences in Spain and Portugal

Perched on the western edge of Europe, Lisbon is the continent’s sunniest capital city, boasting an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine a year,And not by chance Malaga and Marbella’s coastline is called “Costa del Sol”, and this in true also in winter: in February the chance to miss the sunshine is one in 6 days and in March the high temperatures on average are already approaching the 20°C.

Southern Spain and Portugal are 2 countries dense with unique experiences and pretty easy to combine into one itinerary: distances are not that big, roads are in good conditions and there are several international airports at hand (Malaga, Seville, Faro, Lisbon).

Differently from all other travel blogs, which simply list a number of extravagant activities, at Polo Marco Experience, we have hand-picked these 7 less known, unique experiences in Southern Spain and Portugal, keeping well in mind the specific expectations of your guests, who are  coming all the way from India to enjoy Europe: thus in our choice we have privileged those experiences that are close to very renowned destinations of this area.

Along with this we have structured our blog in such a way to make it a useful tool for you, meaning that you can really exploit our descriptions as a “hook” to start a profitable conversation with your clients!

… then for all the details (about specific services and logistics) Polo Marco Experience will be glad to come into the picture and give full insider support!

We can in fact craft a customised itinerary containing just a couple or even all the suggested destinations, depending on your guests’ interests, and on time and budget at their disposal.

Now, come along to discover our selection of
unique experiences in southern Spain and Portugal!


Our top picks for unique experiences in southern Spain

Sleep in a Gypsy Cave

Sleeping in a gypsy cave is unlikely to be on top of every traveler’s list, but if you have a taste for unique experiences, the Sacromonte district of Granada might be the right place for you.

Perched in the hills above Granada, the caves of Sacromonte (sacred mountain) play host to the city’s Roma community ever since the 15th century, when the Moorish empire fell to the Christians. Nowadays, tourists flock to the area to learn about their thriving history, get a taste of their unique culture and traditions, enjoy zambra (a local flamenco variation), and even spend the night in one of the whitewashed cave-homes buried into these sacred hills.

Sacromonte cave houses – Granada, SPAIN


BEST FOR: culture and tradition lovers, for some guests a perfect alternative to Marbella’s beach resorts, for others a great combination of modern comfort and secluded tranquillity.

CLOSE BY: Granada’s old town, with its Alhambra and Generalife gardens is just a stroll away (few kilometers); Sierra Nevada and Costa del Sol: from mountain peaks to beaches! Covering an area of over 850 square kilometres, Andalusia’s Sierra Nevada natural park is the largest in Spain. It’s also home to Europe’s most southerly ski resort and some of Spain’s highest mountains. From Granada this is an easy doable amazing excursion.


Walk the world’s scariest footpath

If your guests are searching for one of Spain’s most unique experiences, then El Caminito del Rey is certainly up there as one of the most exciting adventures to embark on.

Until recently, this almost 8-kilometre path was considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. Today the entire route has been carefully restored, earning it the Europa Nostra Award for heritage conservation, and although it’s now much safer, one thing hasn’t changed – the unique experience of strolling along walkways hanging over 100 metres above the Gaitanes Gorge, where the narrow path pretty much hangs off the sheer, vertical rock faces. The panoramic view of this natural canyon sculpted by the river will captivate you:

Caminito del Rey – Malaga, SPAIN


BEST FOR: adrenaline lovers, and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

CLOSE BY: Malaga with its landmarks that take visitors through different ages and cultures: the Roman Theatre, the Moorish fortress of Alcazaba, the beautiful Nerja Caves; Marbella’s golden beaches at daytime and good entertainment after sunset.

Meet Andalusian fierce bulls and horses

Bulls are animals that carry a special symbolism that expresses universal feelings: beauty, strength, elegance, mystery, power, fertility; thus they have always been present in the tales, legends and myths since the beginning of mankind.
Your clients have the exclusive opportunity to test their wild side with this impressive excursion: accompanied by an expert guide, they go along supervised natural circuits, expressly created to observe free brave bulls (toros bravos) in their natural habitat, the Andalusian countryside, where they develop a natural instinct for the bullfights. The estate belongs and is managed by Rafael Tejada, one of the greatest bullfighters of the recent decades. And what best way to complete this rural experience with  local tapas and some wine tasting?

Bulls and horses breeding estate – Ronda, SPAIN


BEST FOR: outdoor passionates looking for close contact to animals, natural environment and local tradition; some special bullfighting-related activities can be arranged for groups.

CLOSE BY: Ronda is just 5 Km away from the estate: the iconic stone bridge unites the city’s 15th-century “new town” from its old town, dating to Moorish rule, offering stunning views on the gorge; and for sure Placa de Toros, the oldest bullfighting arena in Spain, cannot be missed out.


And now… from unique experiences in Spain to the ultimate Portugal experience in few minutes… is it possible? Oh yes, in a zip!

Zip-line crossing the border and the timeline between Spain and Portugal

Thrill seekers do not need to look any further: an unforgettable, unique experience between Spain and Portugal awaits them over the River Guadiana.

In a jump of 720 m down the world’s first cross-border zip line, at speeds between 70 and 80 kilometres per hour, your bravest guests will be literally flying back in time and gaining one hour (because of the time zone change between both countries)

They will have the privilege of spectacular views of the river and its surrounding olive groves, both from above and from the water. In fact after visiting the village of Alcoutim they just need to hop on a boat back across the river to Spain.

Crossborder zipline – River Guadiana, SPAIN_PORTUGAL


BEST FOR: nature lovers & thrill seekers from 14 years to 110 Kg!

CLOSE BY: Huelva, Seville, Cadiz in Spain; Faro, Albufeira and the Algarve region in Portugal. An exciting holiday between two countries!

Our suggestions for a memorable Portugal experience

Dolphin watching at Sado River        

Come and watch with your children the resident community of 30 dolphins in the Sado River, aboard a mid-size boat in order to have a closer contact with them. Have a delightful feeling of making part of the dolphins playground while they escort your boat ride, offering you a unique notion of their own life in community through the “in loco” observation of these fine animals.

This program aims to observe dolphins for 4 hours, with a marine biologist who will explain the history of the sites, their characteristics and the natural habitat of dolphins in this region.
The activity begins in Sesimbra, towards the Sado Estuary, passing by Arrábida and Troia.
After watching the Dolphins, the tour continues along the coastal beaches from Arrábida to the garden of gorgonians, passing along the caves and old buildings that support fishing.

Probability of observing the Dolphins: 90%.

By good warm weather there is also a top at strategic locations for a swim or to practice some snorkelling.

Dolphin watching – Sado river, PORTUGAL


BEST FOR: families and nature lovers.

CLOSE BY: Lisbon would be worth a whole holiday on its own, however, to grasp at least a portion of its essence we suggest a tour on the historic tram N. 28 and a visit of Belem Tower; at 1,5 hours’ drive, Evora is one of Portugal’s best-preserved medieval towns, with fortified walls and winding cobblestone lanes lined with Roman and Gothic architecture. The interior of the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) is, rather morbidly, decorated with human skulls and bones from some 5,000 corpses.The chapel was built in the 16th century by a Franciscan monk , who wanted to remind worshippers that life is transitory.

Sintra town, palaces and park

Located right in the central western Portuguese coast, just a short drive from Lisbon. Sintra, UNESCO World Heritage since 1995, teems with gorgeous palaces and gardens. The surrounding hills form a romantic backdrop for its historic charms. The Romans called it “The Mountain of the Moon”.  Few places in the world can evoke a sense of magic and mystery as does Sintra. From magical forests to romantic palaces Sintra never fails to seduce.

And Polo Marco Experience can even give your clients the unique opportunity to own a Palace for a day in Sintra! Former residence for a Dutch consul at the end of the 18th century, nowadays this Palace features 30 rooms, some of them boasting sensational frescos and neoclassical decorations, and is surrounded by impeccably maintained grounds. An ideal upscale and unique Portugal experience for groups, corporate retreats, wedding parties or private individuals searching for comfort and confidentiality.

Pena National Palace and park- Sintra, PORTUGAL



BEST FOR: romantic couples; our tip for families is a guided carriage ride (up to 4 adults and 4 children, for 20 minutes; prior booking required) in the Park of Pena, a trip back in time, passing through the Lakes Valley, the Pena Farm and the Garden of the Countess of Edla.

CLOSE BY: Lisbon: for some sweeping views of the city – particularly St. George’s Castle, Rossio Square and the Baixa neighborhood – we suggest a ride on the Elevador de Santa Justa. Designed by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard (a former student of Gustave Eiffel), this neo-Gothic elevator is more than a century old and used to be powered by steam. And to fully dive into the Portuguese atmosphere, some fado music and some local food & wine will do the rest!  The Portuguese Riviera: the seafront in Cascais and in Estoril is amazing especially after dark.



Golfing and surfing in Algarve

Young sporty clients looking for a unique Portugal experience? Going on a golf or surf trip in the Algarve is a true feast!

The Algarve isn’t merely about beautiful beaches and a great climate. The region also has excellent surfing conditions. Thanks to the rolling swell of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is one of Europe’s best surfing destinations with a wave for every ability. The waves are consistent, every day of the year. The water is warm and clear blue.  The atmosphere is laid-back and people are friendly.
The combination of action, nature, fitness and adrenaline is the reason why surfing in the Algarve is so addictive to many. The Algarve really is a surfer’s paradise.

And the Algarve is also synonymous with golf. Portugal has been voted the best golf destination in the world for 4 years in a row. Every year, thousands of golfers from all around the world descend on the southern coast of Portugal for a unique experience, playing in varied and challenging courses or taking their first steps in the sport.
With the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west and the remote mountains to the north, the Algarve is the perfect setting for a memorable golfing holiday.
Along the 160 km of its southern coastline you golfer clients can be sure to find, among the more than 40 golf courses available, one that will suit their tastes and needs.


Golfing in Algarve – Albufeira, PORTUGAL


BEST FOR: active, outdoor sports’ lovers of any age.

CLOSE BY: Cabo de Sao Vincente,at 1,5 hours’ drive from Albufeira, is the most western geographical point of the European continent, where your guests can admire the power of the ocean’s waves, and really feel “at the end of the world”! Designer Outlet Algarve: opened just 2 years ago, with more than 50 fashion & lifestyle brands in a unique architectural complex, inspired by the Portuguese culture and environment, is an exciting shopping destination at just 30 minutes from Albufeira.


Remember: all these unique experiences in southern Spain and Portugal can also be a great trigger for your most engaging MICE proposals!

At Polo Marco Experience we are quite sure that your and your clients’ imagination was caught by all these stunning landscapes, undiscovered places and exciting activities… and we can reveal much more, since we are true European insiders!

…let you and your clients be inspired by our experiences suggestions, and please consider that everything will be customized by Polo Marco Experience’s team, taking best care of Indian travellers’ requirements…  get in touch with us!

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