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We are a group of people that care

The “bizarre” name of our company is simply the reversal of name and surname of Marco Polo, the famous explorer who travelled from Venice to discover the East (mainly China and India); in fact we aim at doing the opposite: to bring people from Asia, precisely India, to discover Europe, our homeland, of which we are very proud!

Additionally, we want to make them live out authentic local experiences; possibly literally breath-taking and that, in any case, will remain as travel experiences of a lifetime!

Who we are

PME was established by two visionary entrepreneurs, coming from different backgrounds but having a common aspiration: giving to the Indian discerning people the opportunity to experience Europe as with no one else!

Foto Claudia
Claudia Cocolin

Claudia Cocolin is a co-founder and now the COO; she has always worked in the tourism industry (more than 20 years), covering several different roles: moving over from flight-attendant to director of a prestigious sea resort. Being among the few non-Indian people with greatest experience and knowledge of the Indian tourism market, she is requested by several European institutions and private companies to respectively lecture and give her own advice on how to best welcome Indian guests both in MICE and luxury FIT segments.

Foto Andrea
Andrea Sigoni

Andrea Sigoni is a co-founder and now the CEO; before becoming an entrepreneur, he covered several executive roles in big multinational companies always at their European headquarters. This made him travel Europe far and wide for more than 10 years and therefore he knows almost any little corner of it. Nowadays, along with his representation role, his main commitment is to constantly scout for the right suppliers in any European country to make sure that PME delivers only the best of the best to its clients.

PME Team
PME Team

PME team is entirely made of professionals of the tourism industry, resident in several European countries. Our organization is intentionally structured as a network, not only because we need to cover many countries and even more single regions (that are also very different from each other!), but mainly because in this way we can rely on people who are real experts of the services they source and provide on a daily basis. Last but not least, each of us is really proud to give their best local advice, resulting in a real advantage for the clients.

namaste suppliers
PME suppliers

Finally, we cannot forget to mention also PME’s suppliers because they are the result of a long process of selection; in fact they have been cherry-picked one by one and have entered our database because they have proved:

  • to be able to work specifically for the Indian clientele
  • to respect our internal quality standards
  • to be trustworthy and reliable
Our Values

Our Vision

…is to make any travel a bridge that unites people, cultures and places; we serve different communities enhancing knowledge and cross-cultural understanding while promoting personal and professional development and increasing wealth.

Our Goal

…is to ensure that when traveling with PME all our clients not only experience true and unparalleled moments, feeling life-enriched in their knowledge and also in their Spirit, so they can better connect to themselves, to their loved ones and to the entire Universe.

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