Why choose PME

There are 10 basic reasons:

1-passion NEW
1. Passion

First of all, because we offer you a passionate, personalized service and an attention to detail that can’t be found elsewhere.

2. Specialization

Because we have specialized ourselves in the Indian market, namely, we know exactly what the inner needs and expectations of Indian clients are.

3-authenticity NEW
3. Authenticity

Because all of us are native Europeans and grown up here, so we deeply know our homeland and we all are proud to foster it at the best… and this makes a real difference both for you and for your clients.

4- One stop shop JUNE
4. One-stop-shop

Because we offer a single point-of-contact for entire Europe, so you can rely on us also for itineraries or events covering multiple cities, regions and even countries, drastically reducing complexity at your side and saving time.

5-value for money JUNE
5. Value for money

Because our lean and flexible organization results in added value (that we know is so important for the Indian market!) as well as in solutions that really maximize the ROI, both for you and your clients.

6. Variety

Because we are the only European Tour Operator/DMC able to cover indiscriminately all the 50 countries of the European continent.

7-Unbiased advice NEW
7. Unbiased advice

Because we don’t need to push any single city/region/country but vice versa we can propose the best solution for the clients, time by time (according to their specific interests, season, local offers of the moment…).

8-liberty NEW
8. Liberty

Because we are independent of any particular brand/hotel-chain/location…, we are not required to work with a limited number of suppliers but, on the contrary, we can always select the ones that best fit the needs of the clients, eventually exploiting also special offers/rates available at the time of booking.

9-bespoke JUNE
9. Bespoke Solutions

Because we know that every client is unique, therefore every package that we prepare is tailored to that client’s specific needs, wishes, aspirations.

9.10-Customer at the core NEW
10. Travellers at the core

Because we focus on quality of service rather than quantity of customers.

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