Best Christmas Markets In Europe

Best Christmas markets in Europe – and how to bring your customers there

The dimmed lights, the laughter of the children while a Christmas carol is playing in the background. It smells like cinnamon in the air or is it the mulled wine? The shiny stalls and kiosks are offering the most precious and creative typical products. While you walk around the best Christmas markets in Europe you can feel the Christmas atmosphere is already pervading the city, the people and your senses. In this period of the year is simply impossible not to appreciate the magical atmosphere of the Christmas festival and travelers from all over the world love joining the best Christmas markets in Europe to understand this deeply rooted European tradition.

If you are preparing your next original travel offering for your Indian clients visiting Europe this winter, don’t forget to include at least one of the best Christmas markets in Europe we suggest you here.

8 of the best Christmas Markets in Europe

1. Fira de Santa Llúcia in Barcelona, Spain

Everybody knows Barcelona for its fascinating Ramblas, the stunning Sagrada Familia, and the lively Catalan nightlife. Yet, not everybody knows that Barcelona hosts one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, right in front of the Barcelona Cathedral. The Fira de Santa Llúcia started as a one-day event to celebrate December 13th, Santa Llúcia, but since then it became a bigger Christmas fair that lasts 3 weeks at least. Your customers will especially enjoy experiencing the tradition of the “Tió de Nadal”, a hollow log that has to be beaten with a stick to spill out candies and presents to the kids, like a sort of Christmas “cracker” .

2.Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

Traditional Estonian cuisine and handmade gifts await your customers in Estonia’s capital Christmas market. Held in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square, this Christmas markets does not just host tiny huts: travellers will particularly love to see the street performances by choirs, poets and dancers as well as the old Christmas tree that is dated 1441 set up in the Town Hall Square. With his great mix of Northern and Eastern culture, the Tallinn Christmas Market is one of the best Christmas markets in Europe  to warm up your customers’ hearts.

Bring your customers to Estonia!

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3. Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic

The beautiful city of Prague hosts two of the best Christmas markets in Eastern Europe and are just five minutes walk from each other: the one in Old Town Square and the one in Wenceslas markets. Your customers will love the typical Czech wooden stalls, the gothic architecture as well as the klobása (Czech sausage) and Pilsner Urquell beer or mulled wine to enjoy the enchanting Christmas atmosphere.

4. Munich, Germany

Christmas in Munich is very unique and this is why the second most important city in Germany is considered one of the top destinations for Indian visitors. The Bavarian capital, in fact, does not host just one market but a mix of more than 20 different unique Christmas markets. Your customers will have the chance to explore the city while visiting the enchanting and unique Christmas markets, where mulled wine is offered with a different vessel cup in each place. From the 600-year old medieval Christmas market in Wittlesbacherplatz, to the Christmas Market at Sendlinger Tor where you can find handicrafts from all over the world, to the must-visit central market in Marienplatz: do not forget to add at least one Christmas Market in Munich in your listing.

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Annaberg-Buchholz Weihnachtsmarkt – Annaberg-Buchholz christmas market 15

5. Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham, UK

You might think you are in England and a second later you find yourself in Frankfurt. No, it is not a joke: it’s the Frankfurt Christmas Market held each year in Birmingham, that boasts to have “the largest authentic German Christmas Market outside of Germany or Austria.”

Over 120 stalls await travelers and locals in Victoria Square to admire the warm Christmas atmosphere in a very uncommon culture blend: a singing moose – named Chris Moose – will welcome you with a very British accent. Surely to include in your top list of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

6. Christmas in Poznan, Poland

Poznań Old Market Square and Freedom Square come to a new enchanted life during the Christmas period, making it one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. If there’s something your customers will absolutely love is the ice sculpture festival that attracts participants from all over the world.

7. Winter Wonders in Brussels, Belgium

The Belgian cities of Ghent, Antwerpen, Brugge, and Liège as well host amazing Christmas markets but they say Winter Wonders will be surely your favorite among the best Christmas markets in Europe. Over 2.5 million visitors joining each year the UNESCO World Heritage-listed square can’t be wrong. Cultural and fun activities, tartiflette, pretzels, oysters and delicious Belgian chocolates are just a few of the amazing attractions in Winter Wonders that are just impossible to miss out. Do not forget to head to the Grand Place, at night, to enjoy the night light choreographed show on the beautiful buildings around the square.

8. Gotenburg, Sweden

A land of ice and snowflakes, Northern Europe is incredibly fascinating and Gotenburg in Christmas can’t be any less. Those who say there is poor light in Christmas in Northern Europe has not seen Gotenburg’s Christmas market yet… Foodies will surely enjoy the typical Swedish smoked sausage, roasted reindeer and glasses of glögg while the art lovers can admire the winter carousels and the ice ballets.

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How to bring your customers there

Austria,Hungary, Switzerland…,, and the list goes on: let your clients enjoy the best Christmas Markets in Europe with Polo Marco Experience. Get in touch for more information about our partners’ program.

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