Spring Is Coming: Gardens In Europe Are About To Bloom.

Spring is coming! Discover 6 of the best gardens in Europe

On sunny days here you can already smell that… spring is in the air! It’s time for the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

In short the flowers will start blooming: our cities and parks will come back to new life.

So even if your guests are not “gardening addicts”, they should not miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and feel regenerated, recharged…

Come along with us amidst the best gardens in Europe!

Polo Marco Experience can take your clients to astonishing parks, gardens and woods just within a very short ride from the heart of the capital city they have on their bucket list.

We could of course not ignore Keukenhof’s tulips, that are an unmissable icon of Europe‘s gardens for Indian guests.

But we are pretty sure that the others, which we have picked for you among the most beautiful gardens in Europe, roaming from north to south and west to east, will certainly surprise you!

Differently from other articles, our post wants to be a useful tool, thus gives you very clear and comprehensive indications about: when, where, what, why and how your clients can enjoy and discover.

You can confidently list these gardens and parks in an itinerary draft for your guests: in fact here below you find excellent reasons to suggest their visit as added-value experiences during their spring holiday in Europe!

… then for all the details (about specific services and logistics) Polo Marco Experience will be glad to come into the picture and give full insider support!

Now come along… Let’s immerse ourselves in the unique colours and smells of Europe‘s gardens!

Keukenhof AMSTERDAM, Holland

[approx. 40 min from the center of Amsterdam; 20 min from Schiphol Airport]

Europe’s most popular garden blows visitors away with its sheer number of blooms. You can’t count them by the hundreds nor by thousands, they seem to go on forever… precisely 7 million bulbs of 800 tulip varieties laid across 79 acres of land. That’s a lot of tulips!

But there are also plenty of dahlias, daffodils, and other spring flowers planted according to their shape, height, and flowering time to ensure the perfect arrangement every year.


Keukenhof: the parade to celebrate the best known spring garden in Europe

Keukenhof: the parade to celebrate the best known spring garden in Europe

BEST FOR: all flower and nature lovers, and bike passionates.

BEST TIME: mid-April. Official opening dates for 2019: from Thursday 21 March until Sunday 19 May.

OUR TIPS: this year Bloemencorso, the popular flower parade, rides the 40 km long route from Noordwijk to Haarlem on Saturday 13 April. At about 3:30 pm, the flower parade will pass at the Keukenhof boulevard.

CLOSE BY: The Hague, city of peace and sandy dunes, is 45 minutes’ drive southwards from Keukenhof: stroll through The Hague market, the biggest outdoor market in Europe; indulge in local contemporary food in an elegant vintage atmosphere: dinner riding on the Hoftrammm Tram!

DID YOU KNOW? At Keukenhof bulbs are planted in “lasagna style”(in layers) so from the start of blooming until the end of season it is possible to find flowers in bloom.

Parco Giardino Sigurtà VERONA, Italy

[approx. 30 min from the center of Verona; 20 min from Verona Valerio Catullo Airport]

Second rank at 2016 Europe Garden Awards, dating back to the 15th century and just turned 40 years old as a public park, this is a natural treasure close to Lake Garda.

Destination for millions of flower enthusiasts, the garden is a succession of breathtaking views, ancient trees, including the Great Oak, beautiful blooms of roses, tulips, irises, 18 ornamental lakes, with hundreds of multi-coloured water lilies, the Maze and its 1500 evergreen yew trees.

Parco Sigurtà: second best garden in Europe in 2016

BEST FOR: romantic couples, families and shopping addicts.

BEST TIME: mid-April for “Tulip Mania”, with over one million of bulbs in bloom.

OUR TIPS: allow at least half day to visit Verona with its Arena (Roman amphitheatre) and fortified medieval city centre (Unesco heritage); fun and adrenaline loving families and groups of friends will enjoy Gardaland, Italy’s biggest amusement park, just at 20 min drive away.

CLOSE BY: Fidenza Village outlet, luxury shopping at more than 120 designer and fashion brands, is at 1 hour 30 min drive; and in 1 hour 30 min you can reach the island of Venice by car or by fast train (from Peschiera).

DID YOU KNOW? The Park can be visited on foot, by bicycle or e-bike (available for rent), aboard the panoramic train, in electric shuttles or comfortable golf-carts.


Arboretum LJUBLJANA, Slovenia

[approx. 25 min from the center of Ljubljana; 20 min from Ljubljana Airport, 1 hour 30 min from Trieste airport, 2 hours 30 min from Venice airport]

Less known, even by the experts, but for sure one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, Slovenia’ s most visited park in recent years has become well known for its spring flower shows.

The Arboretum comprises 88 hectares of ground with a diversity of soil types, occupied by about 2,500 different species of trees and shrubs. The plant collection has been designed as a landscape park which includes five artificial lakes.

Arboretum: one of the best gardens in the green heart of Europe

BEST FOR: outdoor activities’ lovers: Slovenia is their paradise!

BEST TIME: March for daffodils; mid-April for tulips. Tulip exhibition 2019,with more than 2 million of bulbs, is on from 13 April to 5 May.

OUR TIPS: river cruise in the heart of Ljubljana; rafting on the Soča river; walking to the waterfalls along the Vintgar Gorge, close to Lake Bled; digging into WW2 history visiting the Risiera di San Sabba, nazi-headquarter in the center of Trieste.

CLOSE BY: Ljubljana, Slovenia’s young and lively capital is at less than 30 min drive; picturesque Lake Bled at 40 min drive northwards, and the stunning Postojna Caves at less than 1 hour’s drive southwards.

DID YOU KNOW? Trieste, the elegant austro-hungarian city on the Adriatic sea, along with Gorizia, the “divided city”, were the last baluards of the “Iron Curtain” during the Cold War until 1991.


Lale Festival (Tulip Festival) ISTANBUL, Turkey

[approx. 40 min from Sulthanamet, the historical center of Istanbul (Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazar); 30 min from the new International Airport, the biggest in the world, which will be in operations starting from 6 April 2019]

Since about a decade in April Istanbul becomes one of the best gardens in Europe!

The city government in Istanbul plants around 30 million of tulips in Istanbul’s parks, avenues, traffic roundabouts… the result is a glorious spring flower festival with brilliant splashes of colour everywhere you look!

But for a real tulip treat and the International Istanbul Tulip Festival, you have to head to Emirgan Park, one of the largest public parks in Istanbul located by the Bosphorus in Sariyer, on the European shore.

At Sultan Ahmed square the City, in connection with the most prominent Turkish flower company, is preparing the 5th Tulip Carpet of over 1000 square meters, which is considered as the world’s largest. The design of carpet is changing every year, and the one for 2019 is still unrevealed…

Lale Festival: Istanbul becomes a stunning garden in April

BEST FOR: romantic couples.

BEST TIME: mid-April. This year the Tulip Festival will be on from 1 to 30 April.

OUR TIPS: plan your travel reserving at least 3 days for a tour to Capadocia, where spring blossoms add to the beauty of its stunning volcanic landscapes.

CLOSE BY: another highlight is the Tulip decoration on Taksim Square which is right in the center of Istanbul, connected to the exclusive shopping area of Istiklal Street.

DID YOU KNOW? Tulips were exported from Turkey to Holland…!

The tulip is one of Istanbul’s traditional symbols. Brought to the city centuries ago from Iran where they originally grew wild, these flowers was favoured and cultivated until in the so-called Tulip Period of Ottoman history (16th-18th century), tulip love became a mania.

Hallerbos BRUSSELS, Belgium

[approx. 25 min from the center of Brussels; 20 min from Brussels Airport]

This is the best “natural” garden in Europe: “the blue forest”, an ancient forest with young trees and lots of bluebells.

Discover one of Belgium’s well-kept secrets in full bloom!

Every Spring there’s something magical happening in a forest close to Brussels: millions of bluebells blossom create a blue carpet, a spectacular sea of flowers, and fill the air with an intense sweet fragrance… a truly unique sight that seems like a fairy tale!

A large part of the original forest was destroyed during the WWI, but thanks to a major replanting that took place between 1930-1950 Hallerbos survived and has been thriving ever since.

Hallerbros: nature creates one of the most beautiful gardens of Europe in a wood!

BEST FOR: nature and photography lovers, hikers and bikers, but also beer and chocolate fans!

BEST TIME: around mid-April. In order to fully experience the magic of the blue carpet in Hallerbos the visit needs to be planned during the first 7-10 days following the blossoming of the beech leaves when the sunlight reaches the bluebells through the leaf canopy and creates this spectacular colour effect.

OUR TIPS: to see the bluebells and the giant sequoia trees at best you can download the GPS maps.

CLOSE BY: from the capital city in 1 hour you are in Gent, and continuing in the same direction in about 45 minutes you reach Bruges, UNESCO World Heritage, the medieval city of canals, chocolate and beer.

DID YOU KNOW? From the beginning of March you can check daily the “flowering status” on a dedicated webpage

Park Floral PARIS, France

[approx. 30 min from the center of Paris; 30 min from Orly Airport, 45 min from Charles de Gaulle airport]

In our opinion one of the best gardens in Europe‘s capital of love… and still undiscovered!

The Parc Floral de Paris covers 28 hectares in the south-east part of the city. It has large collections of iris, camellias, rhododendrons and even bonsai. The “four seasons” garden has over 1200 perennials to discover, various different themed gardens and exhibitions throughout the year.

In the “valley of the flowers”, where colourful flower beds surround a large pond, a couple of music festivals happen during the year, including the Paris Jazz festival.

Parc Floral: a surprising garden… and more, in the heart of Paris!


BEST FOR: MICE groups that have no time to move outside of the city, but want to spend some time in nature having fun!

BEST TIME: spring and autumn.

OUR TIPS: if the trip allows time for the Loire Valley for sure the park of Chateau Villandry cannot be missed, and at Chateau de Rivau you can even spend the night in the castle!

CLOSE BY: 45 min drive from the Tour Eiffel, and 30 minutes from the heart of Paris (Louvre, Notre Dame, Luxembourg gardens, Latin Quarter); in the opposite direction in 30 min you reach Disneyland Paris and La Vallée shopping outlet.

DID YOU KNOW? Inside the park there is mini-golf course like a miniature version of the city, with each of the 18 holes representing a Parisian monument, which can be privatised. Other fun team building activities available here: rickshaws and tree adventure park contests.

Europe’s gardens are preparing to boast their best blooms… are you ready?

At Polo Marco Experience we are quite sure that your and your clients’ imagination was caught by all these coloured flowers, stunning landscapes, undiscovered places and exciting activities…and we can reveal much more… since we are true European insiders!

Polo Marco Experience can help you to discover the most beautiful gardens in Europe and craft exclusive spring travel itineraries for your discerning clients… find out more about our specialisation in the Indian market and get in touch with us!

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