For you in this section we have hand-picked a selection of “Made for India” FIT itineraries, according to the following guidelines:

  • they cover completely different parts of Europe, from north to south, from east to west,
  • they are tailored to various targets: couples, families, small groups of friends, youngsters, seniors…

We are your “expert arm” and “passionate heart” here in Europe, therefore:

  • every quarter we recommend just suitable itineraries for the coming season (i.e. in summer you find travel proposals that can be best arranged in autumn) considering:
    • climate and thus characteristic landscapes, as well as travel comfort,
    • upcoming festivals and events, as well as seasonal typical local products.
  • in every program we always include a wide range of local experiences and genuine hands-on activities at different levels of “intensity”, according to travellers’ needs and aspirations.

Let you and your clients be inspired by our sample programs, and please be aware that everything can be customised!

So you can have:

  • a different ITENERARY: increasing or reducing the number of days, combining together parts of different programs, also in multiple countries
  • a different ACCOMMODATION: in a higher or lower category (even though never below 3* superior), in a more central location or right next to some specific point of interest, in a different style (modern, boutique, classic, design…)
  • different RESTAURANTS and FOOD TASTING: usually only few restaurants (the very exclusive ones) accept bookings for FIT travellers, however we always provide a comprehensive list of dining facilities, focusing both on “where” (close to the hotel, to major sights…) and “what” (Indian, vegetarian, Michelin starred…)
  • different EXPERIENCES: depending on guests’ special interest and their choice of the “pace” they want to keep while travelling, we can pack their days with a dense and intense program or vice versa leave more leisure time for shopping, relaxation and self-discovery of places.

Of course we are at your disposal to answer any question on these itineraries as well as to provide further solutions in other European destinations, which are not listed here: just get in touch with us or with our representative in India!

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