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Nature, art and fun: 10 new facets of Holland… at a very short distance from Amsterdam

When you think about the Netherlands, which picture do you immediately figure out? Maybe a vast natural landscape with some windmills and tulips in the background, right?

This might be because the Dutchmen are famous worldwide to be a very sensitive population about the environmental issues: they are used to practise recycle, reduce the energy consumption by using the bicycle instead of the car or having green fingers. This in particular, has emerged as one their most irrepressible passions, as their cult for the tulips varieties demonstrates.

You can easily notice wide sweeps of these charming and motley flowers on the corners of the motorways or through the cities centres.
The best way to directly observe this marvel, is to visit Holland in the blossom season. But even when the tulips lose their bloom, there is a lot to explore in Holland, at a very short distance from the capital city…

1-The Hague Market

Situated near the centre of the city, this place is the biggest  open market in Europe!  An impressive collection of European and exotic foodstuffs , but also  men’s, woman’s  and child’s wear  and electronic products. But never miss the possibility to taste all around the market the groceries specialities, like  the Dutch cheese!

The Market boasts to be visited by nearly 35,000 people  four days a week and its activity dates back from 1921.

This location has also a  multicultural fame : it is normal to find a baklava store besides a Dutch cauliflower one!  You won’t regret to have a stroll around the market, that greets his visitors with many  just renovated luxury stalls, innovative food service outlets and wide walkways.

2-Panorama Mesdag

Have you ever wanted to step back in time, trying to figure out how people used to live in the past?

With this new attraction the impossible becomes reality : a 360 degrees panorama canvas, that gives the visitors a wide view of the seaside, the harbour and the village of Scheveningen as it was in 1881. In order to appreciate it better, at the centre of the museum there is a specific round gazebo. Grasp the opportunity to admire the oldest 19th century panorama in the world!

3- The Peace Palace

The Hague is also home of one of the most important buildings in the European history: the peace palace. Created thanks to the contribution of many surrounding countries, the construction is now the headquarter of the academy of international law and the international court of justice. A precious attraction that will lead you through European history with its stunning grandeur.

4- Madurodam Park

Easy to reach from the Hague, this peculiar park characterises itself for the miniatures of all the most important sites of Holland!  Prepare to be surprised from the charming  and artful replicas of churches, canals, houses and many more monuments! Have fun feeling like a giant and hold a piece of the country in your hands!

If you are planning to take in the sights the structure, do not forget that it puts at your disposal suitable alternatives for every age: repeat the epic feat of Hans Binker, scaling a real climbing wall and saving little Holland from the flood! Meanwhile the parents can try on the famous Dutch “wooden clogs” and relax with a warm coffee in the green areas of the park!

5- National Mill Day

The Mills are a real iconic Netherlands landmark. For many years their usage concerned reclaiming ground from the sea waters or producing manufactory outputs.

Nowadays their economical function is almost  over, but their fascinating appeal has remained unchanged.

So, If you are looking for a real memorable trip, you can drop by Holland from the second Saturday of may, when you will have the possibility to  praise one of the 950 open door  Mills. In addition to a good explanation of the history and typology of the structure you are visiting, there could be also involving activities for adults and children.

6-Tulip Cruise

Soak in a pure plain of colours and perfumes, passing thought Keukenhof and Amsterdam Flower Market with a rented bike and relax  after the fatigue in a comfortable and marvellous ship !

Bike and Boat is experience you will never forget: starting from  the capital of Holland, in  5 days  you will  enjoy enormous fields of bulbs in flower, historic and picturesque cities and cultural highlights in a very green way, exploring the north and the south of the country.

This is  the perfect compromise for those who love to practise physical activity and the ones who like to immerse in nature.  And, after a long cycling day, a pleasure recovery in the MS Magnifique ship, where everything is prepared to meet all its guests needs.

7-Duinrell Amusement and Water  Park

A dazzling holiday or  a journey for all the family: this experience will make everybody happy. Rich of  spectacular attractions, like the high rising rollercoasters or the Mad Mill,  Duinrell amusement park is the oasi of the never ending  entertainment !  The structure also owns a water park section, where enchanting and adrenaline like the Typoof or the X-stream are waiting to be discovered!

But ,do not worry,  there are also relaxing possibilities, with a disposition of more than eleven water slides.

Duinrell peculiarity can be found in its strategic position, that benefits from the proximity with a wide beach and the Hague, but also its theme, inspired by the tropical  islands lifestyle.

Moreover, if people want enjoy more than one day of amusement, they can rest and relax in one of the charming Duingalows present in the location!

8-Meijendel Natural Reserve

Near the maritime city of Scheveningen, this green paradise is the perfect location for those who love nature. Cycle or hike through its open dune landscape, cherishing its irregular lakes, forests and kilometres of long sandy beaches. During your stay you will discover various trees types and one of the most bird-rich nature reserves in the Netherlands. The fauna also includes rabbits, foxes, weasels and deers. And in the centre of nature, why not take a delicious break at the Mendel pancake house and sipping Dunea refreshing water?

moreover de tapuit also offers a wide range of activities that the guest can choose, among excursions, exhibitions and funny games.

9-Voorlinden Modern Art Museum/ Beeldentuin Clingenbosch

A real iconic variety of artworks are hosted in this location and some of them provide permanent interactive experiences.

This Museum is situated in the city of Wassenaar, near The Hague, in the middle of a great garden, that is an incredible frame for the structure. Here people can indulge after a without loosing the opportunity to soak in culture: everywhere in the open air estate there are parts of the sculptures collection.

Voorlinden is a fusion of modern art and nature and this can be noticed in its highlight activities, such as the Skyspace, the Open Ended maze and many more!

Supplied with restaurants, the visitor has all the accommodations he needs to completely  enjoy the staying.  And, for the most passionate ones, there is also the possibility to have a look into the restorations studios, watching the main restorer working live!

10- The Hague Panoramic Wheel

In order to enhance their relationship with the sea, the Dutch have built the biggest Panoramic Wheel on the beach of  Europe!

The structure gives the guests a completely vision of the city and seaside of Scheveningen, but also the Skyline of The Hague is visible. The 36 cabins are all equipped with air conditioning and comfort seats. Enjoy a mesmerizing and unforgettable overlook of the North Sea at 50 meters from the ground!

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