Northern Lights

Hunting the Northern Lights in Europe: our 5 top picks of exclusive snow & ice experiences

The ethereal and elusive Northern Lights in the north of Europe are one of nature’s most splendorous sights: a celestial dance across the Arctic sky, shimmering on a white blanket of snow, that surely features near the top of most travellers’ bucket lists.

Snow and ice environment is very uncommon for Indian travellers, and this is likely to be one of the main reasons why Arctic Circle destinations are in increasing demand.

The magical phenomenon of Northern Lights in Europe appears from November to March

And for the best seats to this celestial scene, consider anywhere with a magnetic latitude above 55° and low light pollution (so it is wise to avoid also full moon nights!).

Now that Christmas holidays are over and the “Santa-fanatics” are gone, it is the best time to come to Swedish or Finnish Lapland, to Northern Norway … even to Iceland or the Svalbard Islands: there is more snow, for a perfect winter wonderland, and less crowds, for a more authentic experience!

Differently from others, we do not propose you a just a particular destination in Northern Europe or a list of special hotels where to see the Northern Lights… While you clients wait for the darkness to go out and seek for them, there are also great snow and ice activities to engage them during the day!

And therefore with this post, we gift you a handful of very unique “hooks” to start a deeper conversation with your most discerning clients: you draft your clients’ profile, understand their expectations and their time and money disposal, so then Polo Marco Experience will craft the perfectly customised Northern Lights tour in Europe, including different day and night activities with the most suitable “intensity” grade (cold exposure, adventure lust, curiosity for local lifestyle…).

This is of utmost importance especially in an unfamiliar environment as Lapland or Iceland can be in winter time!

In fact at Polo Marco Experience we take away all the hassle: since we are true insiders of Europe, we take special care of logistics (including easy accessibility from India), we are fussy about service details (including special food requirements), we optimize the timings, so that we ensure your guests total comfort and pure fun during their Northern Lights adventure in Europe.

Icebreaking and ice swimming adventure in Finland

[day activity – FIT and MICE]

Sampo icebreaker is like a moving museum retaining its original form from the 1960’s: everyone on board will surely feel the by-gone glory of the vessel even today. The atmospheric restaurants are the heart of the steel giant.

These will be some of the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic nature for your guests, with the unique experience of swimming amongst the ice.

And Polo Marco Experience can enhance their experience even more unique with exclusive services on board (a private room and guide, and a taste of finest arctic delicacies) or activities combination with a snowmobile safari.

BEST FOR​: everyone who wants to overcome the belief that you need warm water to swim! Ice floating is allowed from 145 cm height upwards, so it can be also a great family adventure!

CLOSE BY: Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Kemi Snow Castle, Arctic TreeHouse Hotel.

Ice driving and rallying in Sweden

[day activity – FIT and MICE]

Åre will suit perfectly those who would like to combine ice driving and Northern Lights chasing in one trip to Europe! Programs range from a few hours to a whole day. Individuals can join the existing schedule, while groups can get a special program designed for them: rear-wheel driving, “Moose test” evasive manoeuvres with a 4WD car on the action path are just some examples of rally exercises.

But there is even more… Your clients will accompany a professional driver for a ride on a 300 HP car with full dubbed rally tires. Adrenaline is 100% guaranteed!

BEST FOR​: motor-addicts who have the feeling that driving on ice and snow is even more fun than on a F1 race track and are ready to experience the thrill of driving flat-out on the ice as a co-pilot for a professional rally driver.

CLOSE BY: Trondheim, Norway, is 2 and a half hours’ drive away: a very short distance in Scandinavia! … and this is one of the ports of call for Hurtigurten ships daily passenger service to head northwards.

Luxury eco-touring in Norway

[night activity – FIT]

Experience the Northern Lights in a Tesla Model X. It’s warm, it’s safe, it’s luxurious… and mother nature will thank your clients for choosing to ride in an environmental friendly electric vehicle for their Northern Lights safari in Europe.

Before setting off in the dark, your guests will be briefed about Northern Lights forecasting and photography at the basecamp lounge. They will be taken special care by a certified driver and guide, getting warm clothing, blankets, gloves and hats, as well as a warm meal from a local restaurant.

BEST FOR​: Northern Light hunters who care about the environment and look for a personalised service, staying away from large bus tours.

CLOSE BY: Lofoten Islands, for whale watching, and Tromso with the opportunity to board a Hurtigurten cruise.

Ice cave

Ice cave exploration in Iceland

[day activity – FIT and MICE]

Ice caves are only found during the winter time when the glacial rivers retract and the water freezes; so new caves are formed in different locations each year: a fascinating and ever-changing natural wonder! Walking inside an ice cave provides visitors with unparalleled photographic opportunities while capturing the blue light passing through the glacier ice.

Depending upon availability, the tour may be combined with a glacier hike (all necessary glacier hike gears are of course provided and included).
In the evening, it is time to get ready to search for the otherworldly Northern Lights, here high up in Europe. Your clients will set off with a knowledgeable driver that will find a great spot to view the white, green and sometimes red lights dancing and flickering in the sky.

BEST FOR​: nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

CLOSE BY: the Golden Circle, the popular route in the south of the island, including the Geysir geothermal hot spring area and the powerful Gullfoss waterfall.


The absolute arctic adventure in Svalbard, a great pick for a unique incentive travel

[multiple days tour – MICE]

Imagine your guests on an excursion through a frozen desert, overnighting in tents with polar bear watch… lodging in a frozen-in boat and getting there by snow-scooter or dog-sledges… staying far away in a former radio station, which now is a cosy hotel in the middle of nowhere. From there they have excursions to glaciers and frozen fjords. Spitsbergen takes your breath away, that is sure!

BEST FOR​: true adventure seekers, who do not suffer from loneliness…

CLOSE BY: … almost nothing, just your travel mates and fluffy husky dogs!

So for a memorable Northern Lights adventure in Europe…

…let you and your clients be inspired by our experiences suggestions, and please consider that everything will be customized by Polo Marco Experience’s team, taking best care of Indian travellers’ requirements… get in touch with us!


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