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Not just Flamenco… 7 daring reasons to head to Andalusia

The Andalusian region is a real gem in the south of Spain: natural landscapes, memorable architectural monuments, folkloristic traditions and lots of adventures!

Allow yourself a visit and find out countless unique experiences that we have exclusively hand-picked for you.

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Earth, Water or Air: which of the three elements are you most eager to explore? Choose among a wide range of engaging activities, all in the heart of Andalusia!

1-Walking tour around Granada

History, fragrances and stunning viewpoints: get set for an authentic local treat ! Discover the essence of the Islamic influence in Spain passing beside the course of the Darro river and some magnificent monuments along it. Furthermore, explore the amazing natural landscapes and vegetation of el “Camino del Sacromonte” along with the curious cave-homes full of flamenco allure… At the end of your stroll, you will surely have gained a new perspective on Spanish culture!

 2-Cycling from Granada to the tropical coast

There is a dreamy part of Spain’s seaside called “The Tropical Coast”, because of its 320 days a year sunny days and its high temperature. Here you can notice also typical exotic plants, like avocado trees or mangos! Grasp the opportunity to make an incomparable voyage at the Spanish tropics, by this terrific cycling tour, starting from the city of Granada. Cross through a wonderful mountain landscape and jump into the Mediterranean sea, eating the savour barbecue sardines on the beach!

3-Stargazing and Astrophotography

Available in  more than a city (Malaga, Andujar and Cazorla) this is your ultimate chance to discover the magic of the night. Buses or coaches will lead you to very special observation points, far from the cities’ noises and lightings. Here there will be some high quality telescopes ready for you to use and some experts will guide you throughout the galaxies, nebulae and planets!
Sky-rocket yourself in a parallel world for a few hours…with this astronomical experience!

4-Village of Seville Bike Tour

Participating in a bike ride tour has never been more interesting: enchanting panoramas and hidden little villages, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of the Sierra Nevada!
Accompanied by a professional guide, you get to know the history of every shire and discover the many agriculture and livestock industries throughout the itinerary. …and you cannot miss the delicious lunchtime in a typical Spanish inn!

 5-Hot Air Balloon Adventure

A revival of the mid-XIX century attraction, the new air balloon in Seville will offer you not only an amazing drift through the Andalusian countryside, but also a culinary prize, to celebrate this exciting  flying journey!
Step inside a large and picturesque basket with a professional pilot waiting for you and be ready for a unique bird’s-eye view of the peaceful early morning skies, the region’s rivers, forests and parkland stretching out along the horizon. Finally, complete your experience with a restoring breakfast and toast with Cava, the Spanish champagne!

6-Tandem Skydive outside Seville

Adventure junkies, reporting sir! Attempt a very original and mesmerizing way to observe the marvellous Spanish landscapes, experience the fascination of your first free-fall in sunny Andalucía: Tandem Skydive! Prepared instructors will guide you through the highest permitted altitude, reaching  the unbelievable speed of 130 mph! And after the parachute landing, have a look at your expressions of joy, freedom & excitement on the pictures or your personal DVD!

7-Andalusian Fierce Bulls and Horses

Bulls are animals that carry a special symbolism that expresses universal feelings: beauty, strength, elegance, mystery, power, fertility. For these reasons, bulls have always been present in the tales, legends and myths since the beginning of mankind in prehistoric times. Test your wild side with this impressive excursion: go through supervised natural circuits, expressly created to observe free brave bulls (toros bravos) in their natural habitat, the Andalusian countryside, where they develop a natural instinct for the bullfights. And why don’t you complete your rural experience with a local meal and some wine tasting?

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