The best emerging destinations in Europe for Indian travellers

Here we have picked some of the best holiday destinations in Europe, getaways that we believe will appear more and more often on your Indian discerning clients’ bucket lists during 2019: in fact at the beginning of the year also in the travel industry it is time for forecasts and trend settings, so this is our selection from several articles recently published by well-known travel and luxury magazines., the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of accommodation solutions, through an own research, conducted specifically on the Indian outbound market, interestingly reveals that:

  • almost half of Indian travellers say that their main motivation for travelling in 2019 is to escape from normal life (47%),
  • in 2019, over two thirds of Indian travellers would like to do something unique: visiting a destination that none of their friends have been to (68%)

which makes these upcoming locations perfect places for them, best holiday destinations in Europe for Indian guests.


  • over a quarter of them say that they prefer unique and quirky accommodation (27%) over more traditional places,

And by the way, along with private transfers and selected lodging opportunities, Polo Marco Experience can craft bespoke and authentic experiences for your clients!

Among the 8 announced top emerging travel destinations for Indian travellers for 2019, there are 2 quite diverse getaways in Europe.

Goreme – CAPPADOCIA, Turkey

Featuring as the backdrop to many blockbuster films in Cappadocia, can be enjoyed throughout the year. Goreme is a place so picturesque and full of magic, that words are not enough to describe the beauty. Explore amazing volcanic cones and fairy chimneys in Devrent Valley and Pasabag, then visit the Goreme Open-Air Museum and Kaymakli Underground City for a look into the past. Göreme is rich with history, but not all of Cappadocia’s dwellings are museums. Some still serve as homes and others as hotels, which offer a truly unique hospitality experience.

Indian travellers would appreciate: an overnight in one of the luxury cave hotels and an unmissable hot-air balloon flight!


KIEV, Ukraine

When you think of cultural capitals spilling over with funky arts scenes, vibrant nightlife, and world-class gastronomy, Kiev may not be the first European city that comes to mind, the best destination in Europe. But perhaps it should be. It is, after all, the capital of Europe’s largest country by area (and, yes, it is safe to travel Ukraine, by the way): as one of the oldest cities in eastern Europe, Kiev is a place of incredible history that has managed to embrace Western influence in recent years without sacrificing its Slavic roots. And your clients will find everything they would expect from a city break in one of Europe’s more famous cities, all without the crowds and at a fraction of the price.

Indian travellers would appreciate: the architecture, the vibrant nightlife and particularly the value-for-money!

When it comes to pure luxury travel, Forbes magazine has for sure something appealing to tell: they have tapped into some of the world’s top travel experts to find out where they want to go next and have selected 19 Best Places to Travel in 2019.

And among them, these two are Polo Marco Experiences top picks as best holiday destinations in Europe for your VIP travellers!


With breath-taking scenery, undiscovered beaches, UNESCO World Heritage towns, a burgeoning wine culture and incredible Southern European cuisine, this country should be on everyone’s radar for 2019. The legendary Aman Sveti Stefan, a fortified island that dates to the 15th century, is the go-to spot for rest and relaxation with its pink-sand beach and killer spa. In nearby Tivat, the glitzy Regent Porto Montenegro is a prime place for shopping, socializing, beach clubs and boating: a St. Tropez scene, though at a more reasonable price.

Indian travellers would appreciate: feeling of exclusivity, given by existing and upcoming luxury properties, the landscapes of the Kotor Bay, “fjord of the South”, and the opportunity to combine their visit with other destinations in the Balkans, especially Croatia, with its UNESCO heritage city Dubrovnik, that is really close by, or Serbia, with its vibrant capital, Belgrade.


Gullfoss waterfall ICELAND


It has been readers’ choice winner for Travel + Leisure’s Destination of the Year 2018, and even those who don’t work in travel media have noticed the destination explode onto the scene in recent years. And while “Icelandmania” was already in full swing back in, say, 2015, the constant influx of travellers has brought unprecedented development, especially in the accommodation sector with many upcoming exclusive properties, and even more ways to experience the country. Game of Thrones tourism is a big draw, as is spa and wellness travel (there’s even a new beer spa, if that’s your thing). There’s stellar new Nordic food and destination restaurants worth traveling for. And what better destination to see the Northern Lights in Europe?

Indian travellers would appreciate: the jaw-dropping landscapes and the sense of exclusivity due to its remote location.

A great way to discover the land of fire and ice for Indian travellers is circumnavigating Iceland on board a luxury expedition ship next August: a privilege for 250 lucky guests only!

Condè Nast Traveller, global leader in travel advice (with its guides and magazines worldwide) features 14 upcoming trendy destinations worldwide.

Polo Marco Experience has picked the locations that we consider best destinations in Europe for Indian discerning travellers for 3 main reasons:

  • Spread over Europe: 2 Northern, 2 Central and 2 Southern regions, so the choice is not limited
  • Off-the-beaten-track and at the same time close to a big renowned city, which most of the time are overcrowded by group mass tourism, but which can still be a “must-see” to include in the travel itinerary for a couple of nights.
  • Offering stunning landscapes and some authenticity in architecture, traditions, gastronomy

Take a look at these crowd-free destinations… be inspired and share your insights with your best clients; then the Polo Marco Experience team will be glad to come into the picture and craft an amazing customised holiday for them!

South-West British Peninsula, England

[from London about 2 hours’ drive or train ride]

To get away from the crowds of big cities like London, you can hop on a train or drive two hours south to explore a hidden corner of England—its south-west peninsula. Made up of the regions of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, and the Isles of Scilly, the peninsula offers travellers 700 miles of coastal roads to explore and hundreds of castles and beaches to visit, plus two national parks and four world heritage sites.

Definitely among the best holiday destinations in Europe in the coming summer, also for families.

Ireland west coast

West Coast, Ireland

[from Dublin about 2,5 hours’ drive to Galway, 3 hours’ to Doolin, 4,5 hours’ to Dingle]

The Wild Atlantic Way on the Atlantic Coast will take your guest past charming villages and quiet bays: sights as famous as the Cliffs of Moher or drive the Ring of Kerry, alternate with fresh landscapes like the Inishowen Peninsula in the north and the Slea Head Drive in the south. There’s also plenty of culture in small villages like Doolin, famous as Ireland’s music capital, and Dingle, home to a famous concentration of traditional Irish pubs.

And the area features some top-notch hotels, including medieval castles that are now elegant and extravagant five-star properties; many of them also overlooking stunning golf courses.


Stuttgart and the South-West, Germany

[from Munich 3 hours’ drive]

Over the years, Stuttgart has become a popular Oktoberfest-alternative to beat the crowds in Bavaria, but any time of year is ideal to visit the surrounding south-western region of Germany. Stuttgart is a wealthy city, best known as the headquarters of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, thus car enthusiasts shouldn’t leave without visiting both car museums.

Outside Stuttgart, there’s plenty to explore: from the half-timbered town of Esslingen, along with several castles, to the bright blue Lake Constance. And in Bad-Wildbad, your guests can enjoy a classic German-style spa without the crowds of more famous spa town Baden-Baden.
And for Indian travellers a great plus is the vicinity to their preferred European destination, Switzerland (3 hours’ drive from Stuttgart to Zurich)!


Soča and Vipava Valleys, Slovenia

[ from Venice 1,5 hours’ drive to Gorizia and 30 minutes more then to ]

The Vipava Valley, this little corner of Slovenia to the west of its capital Ljubljana, was recently named by Lonely Planet as one of Europe’s best destinations, and now is the perfect time to visit the valley before the crowds catch on. It is a haven for adventurous travellers who will find plenty of unusual things to do, from easy-going bike rides through vineyards to stand-up paddle boarding on the Vipava River. And of course, frequent stops at some of the valley’s boutique winemakers are a must: pepper your wine tasting with stops to try locally produced honey, cherries, cheese and olive oil. And a bit further to the north another amazing valley is waiting to offer stunning views of the turquoise gorges of  the Soča river, along which 13 battles of WW1 were fought by thousands youngsters of the Mitteleuropean countries.

And on their way from Venice to Slovenia, in Gorizia (Italy) your guests get the unique opportunity to experience the very last places of the well-known “Iron Curtain” that for decades, after WW2, divided the Western from the Eastern-Communist countries: Gorizia until 1991 (year of Slovenia’s independence declaration) was in fact the last bastion against Tito’s Communist Yugoslavia.

Costa Brava, Spain

[from Barcelona 1 hour’s drive to Lloret de Mar, 1,5 hours’ drive to Figueres and 2 hours to Roses]

La Costa Brava, meaning ‘wild coast’ is located in the top corner of the region of Catalonia. It holds a record number of European Blue Flags beaches along its placid shoreline and its coastal towns that remain largely-undiscovered and pure, away from the masses.

This stretch of the coast is also a foodie’s paradise and Catalonia has one of the highest concentrations of Michelin-starred chefs in Spain (among the most famous ones Ferran Adria and the three Roca brothers), not to mention superb, locally produced wines.

Beyond that there’s art, history and outdoor activities aplenty. Girona, with its coloured river houses, and cathedrals is for sure worth a visit. This is Salvador Dalí’s country and three excellent museums – including the painter’s home at Cadaqués – are devoted to him.


Puglia, Italy

[from Rome 4 hours’ direct train ride, from Amalfi coast 3 hours’ drive]

It’s not hard to understand why Italy is one of Europe’s best (and most crowded) holiday destinations. However, while Rome’s Spanish Steps and Cinque Terre’s idyllic villages suffer from over-tourism, the region of Puglia remains mostly undiscovered. But as the heel that makes up the Italian boot, Puglia has all the flavour of Italy a traveller could want—ancient cities, incredible food, and Mediterranean views. However, it also has its own cultural landmarks that you won’t find anywhere else in Italy, like the pasta-making grandmothers of Bari and the cliffside town of Polignano a Mare and Trulli, unique round-shaped houses that are icons in Puglia (with Alberobello as UNESCO world heritage site), and you can even spend the night in some of them!


Now how can you tell that these are in fact the best holiday destinations in Europe for 2019?

In this post we have given you a lot of new ideas to take the cue from for your most discerning clients…

But how can your Agency get the best advantage from these emerging destinations in Europe?

The adjective “emerging” for a destination has in fact a questionable meaning since, apart from official world tourism statistics (Source: Bloomberg ),it highly depends on the source market trends and especially on how confident travel operators in the Indian market are about these new getaways…

Polo Marco Experience, with its team of passionate insiders, will be glad to help you crafting exclusive tailor-made itineraries to one or more best holiday destinations in Europe:  find out more and check us out!


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